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Latest News

Posted on 15/05/2015 at 13:50:00 by Mikael Kivi

Servers will be down for approximately 2 hours and should be back up at 5:00 am PST. Patch Notes An "Eyes" slot has been added to the character loadout. This slot is designated for items that fit over the eyes, such as All Purpose Goggles, Night vision Goggles and other upcoming assets. Known Issue: Goggles you already have equipped in the Face slot will stay there until you remove them. The numeric stepper for splitting stacks in inventory now allows keyboard input. Loadout of handcuffed player... Read More

Posted on 03/05/2015 at 08:49:52 by Mikael Kivi

Servers will be coming down at 3AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours.We will be doing a full player/world wipeWe will be collecting a list of current players for the FREE Daybreak t-shirt grant. This grant will happen after the servers go live.Steam Marketplace is being moved to our Quality of Life patch next week. We\'re working with Steam to make sure all the bugs are ironed out. This is a bigger ticket item and requires multiple passes from us and Steam. It almost made it into this patch but unfortunately... Read More

Posted on 24/04/2015 at 08:31:43 by Dave Flanagan

We are patching tomorrow morning at 3AM with a downtime of 2 hours. Release Notes Night vision goggles now available Added HE Grenades to the game. Known Issue: Grenades will not collide with players or zombies yet, nor will they break through windows. Explosive barrels are more reactive now to bullets and there no longer a delay from their initial explosion to killing nearby survivors/NPCs. Molotov Cocktail is now much more responsive and less prone to crashing clients when burning hordes of zombies... Read More

Posted on 16/04/2015 at 06:28:24 by Mikael Kivi

Servers will be coming down at 3AM 4/16 for approximately 2 hours. Release Notes Added a recipe for a sleeping mat. This can be placed and rested on. Currently it is using a mattress model while a custom model is in the works. This is not a spawn point like in Rust The Police Car has an upgraded interior for an enhanced driving and passenger experience in first person. Well Rested duration has been doubled Fixed issue with not being able to pick up handcuff keys Very Tired and Exhaustion no longer... Read More

Posted on 09/04/2015 at 08:34:29 by Mikael Kivi

Servers will be coming down tonight at 3AM Pacific for 2 hours. Patch Notes: New Crates in the account item list will glow and have an exclamation point until mouse over or if the notification is clicked. Medicine now restores a minor amount of health The number of zombies has been increased. There is a new \"Feet\" slot on the character loadout where players can equip workboots. Additional shoes will come soon. Zombies do slightly more damage to players and have a greater chance inflict bleeding... Read More

Posted on 03/04/2015 at 08:25:24 by Mikael Kivi

The servers will be coming down tonight at 3AM for 2 hours to accommodate these fixes from today\'s patch. Patch Notes: Zombie Spawn calculation fixed Ammo for new guns now spawns The shotgun shell recipe no longer gives you a shotgun You can no longer repair vehicles with bandages Some issues regarding stamina are now resolved Fixed Bleeding issue in Battle Royale You can no longer loot vehicle items from cars in Battle Royale Box of Destiny For those of you wondering why people are still able to... Read More